Strong Woman Program

Strong Woman Program: This is a special program under Development and Advocacy Directorate. It aims to ensure responsive and inclusive engagement of women and girls in political life from grassroots to national levels leading to equal access to justice for all and promote women’s economic empowerment and opportunities to participate in the labour market with sustainable access to economic resources. The program has two main objectives:

1. Ensure equal participation of women and men in political life

2. Ensure that women have full economic rights and equal opportunities to participate in the labour markets

It is implemented in 4 regions that are among the regions with high rate of GBV, early marriage and school drop outs; Mara, Dodoma, Mbeya and Songwe regions.


The group of Tupendane from Urunda Village in Mbarali District, Mbeya Region during the rice harvest using a machine called Combine Harvester which they have hired to facilitate the harvesting.

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CCT General Secretary Rev. Canon Moses Matonya witnessed the results of the Strong Woman Program for the Sister Eda Paul who is a member of the Amani group from Kongwa District Dodoma.

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Members of Amani Group from Kongwa District, Dodoma Region receiving certificates after completing their short training of soap and African print Batiki.

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