CCT through the KARIMU TZ project has started providing CCMP training for CCT Church leaders. The session has started by training 11 facilitators (3F, 9M) in Kongwa District looking on how to help the Churches by rescuing them from poverty and start making full use of their resources.

In order to achieve these goals, the Church must evaluate its current situation by using the available resources. The church is supposed to wake up and realize where it is and where it fell and begin to take steps to wake up and restore its relationship with God.

• CCMP program has awaken the facilitators to know about holistic ministry (serving human spiritual and physical) and they have realized how church was leaving behind the physical

Affairs of human so the program will be helpful for church and community as it will target to help a man holistically • Facilitators will be facilitating the church into holistic ministry and observe changes and report regularly to CCT for follow up and provide more facilitation for church and community.